"Dock-It Fisher" improvements

Enhance Your Fishing Experience: Upgraded "Dock-It Fisher" Cleat Mount Fishing Rod Holder

We're excited to announce product improvements to our "Dock-It Fisher" Cleat Mount Fishing Rod Holder.  These enhancements are all based on Voice Of Customer feedback. Thanks to all for the recommendations!

So, what has changed?

  1. Vinyl ring protectors have replaced the hard plastic bushing protectors. The vinyl ring protectors are soft and completely smooth on the inside. This ensures that your fishing rods are protected from scrapes and nicks.
  2. Quick release nuts have replaced the hitch pin clips. This makes installation even easier. Plus, unlike the metal hitch pin clips, the plastic quick release nuts float!
  3. More durable powder coating material
  4. Reconfigured U-bolt geometry. Makes for easier installation on smaller cleats.

 Get yours here:


Installation instructions:


Happy Fishing!

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